Rugby Balls Made from Trash Bring Opportunities for Unemployed Women

I think upcycling is such a great concept – repurpose items with little perceived value and turn them into something that’s functional and in some cases treasured. I came across The Touch Initiative the other day, I can’t remember exactly what I was Googling, but I’m happy to have stumbled on this great program from EnviroServe, a waste management company in South Africa, and NGO LIVE.

The Touch Initiative was run to coincide with the 2011 International Rugby Board (IRB) World Cup and provided unemployed seamstresses a way to generate income from making rugby balls. Industrial sewing machines and training were provided by NGO LIVE, and during this program, the women earned about $23 USD per day.

The balls made by the women through this program were especially unique because each TOUCH ball was made with recycled banners, billboards and plastic bags collected from community streets. Sold at rugby games across the country, each ball retailed for around $6 USD, of which 60 percent went back to the community, while the remainder went towards operating costs.

For more information on The Touch Initiative, click here. If you want to order a ball, click here.

Thank you The Touch Initiative, EnviroServe and NGO LIVE for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What’s your favourite sport? How can some of the equipment be upcycled?


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