Healthier Laundry with Human-Powered Washer

As I was doing my laundry over the weekend, it dawned on me what a time and labour-saving invention our modern day washers and dryers are. We sort our clothes, put them in a machine, start it, and while our clothes are being laundered, we’re free to do whatever we want, and a few hours later, we have clean, fresh clothes!

In many places in the developing world, laundry is still being done by hand, one piece at a time, and can take more than five hours. Apart from being inefficient, the stresses of this kind of  hand-washing, by squatting over basins on the ground, lead to back pain and chronic conditions to wrists and hands like tenosynovitis. GiraDora is addressing these challenges by designing a human-powered washer that costs under $40, which washes and spins clothes by the load without electricity.

With their washer, which operates similar to laundry machines we’re familiar with – cleaning clothes by agitation, the self-contained unit allows clothes to be washed indoors during the winter, and because the GiraDora spins to remove the majority of moisture from clothing before drying on the clothesline, mold growth which is a contributor to respiratory problems such as asthma, can be avoided.

Currently being field tested in Peru, the GiraDora, apart from being a more efficient and healthier way of doing laundry, also affords users opportunities in laundry services, rentals, and direct sales to help generate income to begin breaking the cycle of poverty.

For more information on the GiraDora, click here.

Thank you GiraDora for making our world wonderful.
LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What do you do when your laundry is in the washer?

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