Handcrafted Pottery Offers Dignified Employment


I’m always on the lookout for carefully crafted, handmade goods as gifts, which can make something as simple as giving a mug special. JustPotters is a Vancouver-based social enterprise that employs individuals who face barriers to gaining traditional employment. Whether they are struggling with addiction, have challenges with mental health or are simply new to Canada, JustPotters pottery studio has been creating high quality crafts that “foster material, personal, social, and ecological renewal,” while providing a place for holistic transformation for its workers since 2006.

With clients ranging from the University of British Columbia and Make-a-Wish Foundation to Williams-Sonoma, JustPotters has been able to employ an average of six people each year, offering them dignified work opportunities that might not otherwise have been accessible.

Check out their catalog showcasing their pottery with purpose here. Make a purchase today to support this awesome program by visiting their Etsy store here.

Thank you JustPotters for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: When was the last time you gave a handcrafted gift?


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