Custom Wood Products Training Women in the Trades

I’ve never been a handy person but the idea of finding something like an old wooden door in a quiet alley and fashioning it into a dining table appeals to me for some reason – they make projects like these look so easy on TV. It’s always useful to have carpentry and woodworking skills, whether to pursue a hobby or upgrade ones employability, and Tradeworks Custom Products in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is a social enterprise that teaches this craft to women in the community.

Operated solely by women, Tradeworks Custom Products uses sustainable forest products and reclaimed materials to produce corporate gifts such as wine boxes, household goods like wooden cutting boards, as well as Christmas ornaments and other seasonal items. All products can be customized with laser engraved text, logos and even photos.

A Tradeworks Training Society program, the women’s workshop is a pre-employment program that develops workplace skills with the goal of helping women get registered and make progress in a trade of their choice. The ten week part-time training teaches participants about workshop safety, how to use power tools, the characteristics of different materials and much more. Upon completion of the program, counsellors assist them with finding sustainable employment and registering as apprentices in their chosen trade. For more about the program and eligibility requirements, click here.

Check out the fantastic products created by the women of the program here.

Thank you Tradeworks Custom Products and Tradeworks Training Society for making the world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: What skilled trade do you wish you could master?


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