Save by Supporting Local, Sustainable Businesses

It was not so long ago that each year, my mom would bring home an Entertainment coupon book purchased from someone at her workplace, who was raising funds for a child’s school, sports team or charity. I haven’t seen one in awhile, but such books still exist and one supporting local, sustainable businesses is called Chinook Book.

Published by certified Benefit Corporation (BCorp) Celilo Group Media, the annual publication is printed with soy ink on paper that is 30% post-consumer recycled and Forest Stewardship Council-certified. Each book is packed with hundreds of coupons from local businesses that have been carefully selected and measured under a strict criteria developed with the Sustainable Development Commission, to bring “good” businesses and transparency to the book’s customers. For more on Chinook Book’s standards and criteria, click here.

Chinook Book is available at numerous local retailers but can also be found with organizations using it as a fundraising tool. Groups are not committed to upfront costs or minimum orders, are supported with marketing materials, and keep 50% of each purchase during their fundraising program.

In the age of mobile apps, you can also find Chinook Book on your cell phone. The app is free to download while mobile coupon packs that include dining, wellness and entertainment discounts for local, sustainable businesses can be purchased for $15.

Want your own Chinook Book? See if it’s available in your city here.

Thank you Chinook Book for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: For what purchases do you usually use coupons – groceries, dining, entertainment?



  1. Interesting project! All printing should be done with this kind of regard for environment.

  2. Indeed! I think many printing companies are offering such environmental options now, which is fantastic!

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