Water ATMs™ Deliver Clean Drinking Water Across India


Having written about social enterprises for a touch over a year now, I’ve learned about many innovative projects that help base of the pyramid citizens gain access to clean drinking water. Sarvajal in India caught my attention because it’s different than others I’ve read about.

Since being founded in 2008 by the Piramal Foundation to develop a model for delivering clean drinking water to those without access, over 200,000,000 litres of clean drinking water has been served to customers in six states while creating more than 400 jobs. Now that’s impact!

Operating via a franchise model, the company takes advantage of technology to operate their cloud-based, remotely monitored filtration systems and solar-powered, cashless Water ATMs™ (drinking water vending machines). Sarvajal provides their franchisees training, filtration equipment, payment solutions and ongoing marketing, service and maintenance support to ensure each of their 140 franchisees are profitably bringing water to communities across India. Part of the membership advantage is that the company also helps its franchisees gain financing through its partnerships with lending institutions.

Sarvajal has been recently recognized as one of the top 10 most innovative companies in India by Fast Company.

For more information on their products and solutions, click here.

Thank you Sarvajal for making our world wonderful.

LET ME KNOW, REPLY BELOW: Besides water, what’s your favourite drink?


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